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Intrace was born as a solution development and support company for networks of computers, LAN and WAN, but expanded its operations realizing important projects of servers of high performance and high availability, infrastructure and structured cabling. In 2001 developed a complete system for a US customer for money remittances from/to other countries. In 2004, developed some of the core software solutions, and in 2007 started marketing their own ERP system.

From 2001, the company began to expand its relationship with Latin America, and suppliers from the United States, India and Europe, becoming a catalyst between suppliers and customers in Latin America, becoming Representatives of suppliers who are leaders in their segments.

They are companies specialized in the categories listed below, while we act as catalysts to realize the solution you are looking for.

Founded in April 1995, our DNA makes us engaged ourselves with our clients, understand their needs, and then create bespoke solutions.

We have mastered the technology, but we are professionals who understand business, always with the aim of offering our customers the best value and scalability.

Our focus is on Latin America, but our suppliers are global.

Once the client presents their requirements, a validation process is initiated, and once we are sure we can serve you, we begin the project.
In the areas of Information Technology, Electronics, IoT, IT processes and projects.
ERP - Administrative, Services and Industries Management
Software Applications
Business Information Technology
IT Projects